Catalyze B2B

Catalyze Business-to-Business

How our B2B programs work

Virtual B2B programs

CATALYZE creates custom B2B programs according to the requirements and target of the client. Assessing focus, current business and future goals we build programs that broaden scope, extend reach and land new opportunities. We build a scope, source buyers, create interest, open conversations, communicate interest, approve involvement, schedule meeting, facilitate, introduce and then report report.


CATALYZE pre-arranges meetings according to the schedule of the client and the availability of the buyer/decision maker, sharing full information on the client to the buyer pre-meeting. Buyer's individual profiles (outlining their interests) are shared with client.

Facilitation process

Meetings are facilitated by a CATALYZE team member to make sure all parties join the meeting and if any glitches occur during the meeting they are rectified. Meetings are notarised and meeting minutes edited and sent over to the client to make sure everyone knows what was discussed.


CATALYZE arranges meetings using video meeting systems which the client is most comfortable with and syncs these with your sales team’s diaries. Click a simple link and the meeting starts. A full list of meetings scheduled is provided to the client in advance.

Meet exporters

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